Growing up in small town England, Kevin Donnelly learned at a young age how to observe, and capture rare moments of brilliance in an endless sea of boredom and conformity. It was his time in Coventry that he learned the intricacies of photography, and how to find what was vivid and exciting, in an otherwise muted town.

Susan Sontag once said, “The camera is a kind of passport that annihilates moral boundaries and social inhibitions,” and Kevin knew, that in order to be successful at his life’s ambition of being the “World’s Greatest Photographer,” he had only one choice: to get out of Coventry. And so at the age of 17, he took his camera and left home to explore the world.

His youth, his thirst for adventure, his refusal to live by the rules and most importantly his determination; have led him across the planet. Having traveled through Europe, Asia, North America and most recently to South America, his portfolio shows an unbelievable range, and shows a level of maturity and talent far above his age of 28.

Selected clientele;

Sony Music Entertainment

Warner Music Group



Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Beady Eye

Dirty South

The Enemy



Weekend Offender







New York City